Exploring Yexel’s Toy Museum (Las Piñas) PART 7 : Optimus Prime #YexelToyMuseum


And finally we’re here to conclude my Yexel’s Toy Museum tour and I saved the best for last. Yexel’s Toy Museum has housed Yexel Sebastian’s toy collection since 1989. It has over 10,000 toys on display and still growing and that’s on his Las Piñas branch alone. Yexel’s other museum is located within the Manila Ocean Park and is , dubbed as Amazing Stories of Yexel’s Museum. I did some research and some articles are telling me that he also has a branch located in Boom na Boom but I’m not sure if this is just an exhibit or the venue no longer exist! Anyway, the main attraction of Yexel Museum in Las Piñas aside from the overwhelming amount of toy collection is the 18-foot tall Optimus Prime bust which is dubbed as the largest Optimus Prime bust in Asia.20150814_162909I’m not a die-hard Transformer fan but seeing such huge replica is nothing but mesmerizing. This mind-blowing Optimus Prime bust is created by Roberto “Abet” Valdecantos and he is also the man behind those impressive life-size Iron Man statues and others. He is from Paete and with that you know how well their craftsmanship is (Paete Laguna has had a long reputation for its craftsmen highly skilled in wood carving and its embellishment).20150814_162956Once you entered the Optimus Prime room, you will be welcomed by an interesting sound on the background! You’ll here the iconic Optimus Prime voice as if he was just talking to you. IMG_0280tNot to mention the light effects which makes it a much more satisfying experience!IMG_0295Before leaving the place, we saw this lonely Black Spiderman on the corner too. We also found some DC and Marvel life size statues on the other side.IMG_0296Milzon with Spidey.
So there you go! We’re done exploring Yexel’s Toy Museum and we really had a blast. I am planning to visit their branch in Manila Ocean Park soon (they have a Game of Thrones’s Iron Throne there). I will have quick recap on my next entry including the direction on how to get here. Have a great day and Happy blogging to all.

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5 thoughts on “Exploring Yexel’s Toy Museum (Las Piñas) PART 7 : Optimus Prime #YexelToyMuseum”

  1. Marge Gavan says:

    Whoa this is already part 7? Wow! I wanna go there! I wanna see L of Death Note, I saw your IG post of him actually.

  2. [SK] says:

    the finale of your showcase of the Yexel Toy Museum and you have this giant (or is it the actual size, haha) Optimus Prime!! that is rather cool.. and you also spotted the lonely turned-gray Spiderman at the exit, hmmm, I wonder what’s the reason behind?? 🙂

  3. Kat says:

    this is actually a fun tour. I had been asking friends that we go there years ago pa… nung hindi pa mahal ang entrance! Hahaha.. Hopefully, before the year ends, I can get there.. Arghh… Museum visit is always a must!

  4. ezekiel cauilan says:

    hi! php300 for the entrance? is that for the entire attraction or pag dating don may mga bbayarn pa ba na iba? just wondering baka kasi may ibang fee pa pag dating don baka iba pa sa entrance fee

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      Hi Ezekiel,
      As far as we all know.. wala ng ibang charges. The Php300 covers the entire tour of the building na
      If you are lucky enough, you can get almost 50% discount through Metro Deal .. that’s what we did… we only paid Php150 per head

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