Let’s Explore Manila : The Baywalk

It’s almost 4 pm when we left Intramuros and before leaving Manila, we headed to one last destination, the Baywalk of Manila Bay. The Baywalk is a long promenade (about 2 kilometers long ) overlooking the Manila Bay along the Roxas Boulevard.

Compare to Intramuros (Check : Intramuros) or Rizal Park (Check Rizal Park), the Baywalk has nothing much to offer but the place can be more appreciated if you visit the place in the afternoon to marvel the scenic and picturesque view of the sunset in Manila Bay.  The place is also alive at night. There’s an overwhelming amount of open air cafes that serves local cuisine while giving the customers a chance to appreciate the beauty of Manila Bay especially during sunset.
The Panoramic view of Manila Bay

The last time we went here, we were welcomed by so many trash and garbage floating near the bay area and I also remember that fowl smell coming from the shore but surprisingly, i was greeted with a different scenery. The place was now seemingly maintained.
We’re lucky enough that we arrived there just in time to witness the sunset. It was truly a breathtaking view and we just sit there and appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer.IMG_0771t
The breakwater
Kids playing by the shore
Navy ship

While walking along the Baywalk, you will also spot some statues and monuments dedicated to some notable dignitaries of Manila. This one is dedicated to Arsenic H. Lacson, a Filipino journalist and politician and was Mayor of Manila from 1952 to 1962.

The Seafarer

This statue is dedicated to Maximo V Soliven, a Filipino journalist and newspaper publisher and founder of Philippine Star
While keeping myself busy taking pictures, i was approached by this cute little girl. She’s not begging for alms or anything and to my surprise, she simply asked me to take her some photos. She immediately gave me that warm smile!
Another thing that caught our attention is the horde of cats being fed by this girl. She told us that she was part of some sort of non government org that voluntarily feed the stray cats. What an interesting advocacy right?

We also spotted a line of fishing rods along the bay so I supposed fishing is allowed here too

Ready to sail

The Manila Yacht Club
We really appreciate the Sunset view from here


After embracing the marvelous sunset view from the Baywalk, we decided to go back home. It was truly a rewarding and absolutely meaningful and educational trip in Manila. I’m glad that we were able to utilize all our time and explore the different parts of Metro. I know that we have missed many spots but that makes me eager to start a second part of this #LetsExploreManila series. I hope you guys enjoyed this travel series but in case you missed an entry, here are the rest of the entries you might want to read.

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