Smoking Has Benefits?


Do you smoke? For some reason,  I never dare myself to hit even a single stick of cigarette. Maybe because I am aware how bad it could have brought me in if I use it in a very abusive manner. Surprisingly, I came across a certain site stating that “cigarette smoking” will somehow bring some sort of health benefits to its user. Ironically, despite of several advertisements on TV and other social media advising the consumers that “cigarette smoking is dangerous to our health“, it seems that these so-called “benefits” are based on some reliable scientific research.

But before we proceed on those advantages, keep in mind guys that abusive usage of cigarette is indeed harmful to our health. Cigarette smoking can cause several respiratory-related diseases like lung cancer. Nicotine and other active ingredients found in cigarette can harm our body if you make “smoking” as an unhealthy habit. We should be grateful enough that modern technologies developed some effective alternatives. Tobaccos are less harmful than those commercially produced cigarettes. Most cigar store nowadays, offers those highly innovative Electronic cigarettes that produce harmless smoke but provide the same amount of pleasure. In  addition to that, you can also find some nicotine-free medications on the market. These drugs help you reduce your cigarette craving and withdrawal symptoms without  delivering the harmful nicotine to your body.

Interestingly, they said that smoking may improve someone’s motor performance. Smokers have less plaque and gingival inflammation compare to non smokers too. Smoking may lessen the risk of Hypertension and other kinds of illness like the so-called “Parkinson’s Disease”

Well, I’m sure whether how many benefits that “cigarette smoking” can provide, it doubles the amount of health risks if you keep on using it in an abusive manner. Smoking is not bad as long as you consume it moderately. Same thing goes with Alcohol.

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