Visita Iglesia

PhotobucketSorry for my very late post. I went through a very tough week after being assigned as an OIC to groom those newly hired employees. Anyway, i’m here to buzz about what I did last Maundy Thursday. Visita Iglesia is a Roman Catholic tradition during lent by attempting to visit at least seven different churches or parishes. It is commonly referred also as “Seven Churches Visitation”. Here, We ‘re going to recite the 14 Stations of the Cross. It was a relaxing experience to accomplish such tradition. I was able to visit 11 different churches. Actually, I was aiming to visit 14 but I don’t know much churches here in our place so I ended up with 11 but I know that it’s not the main purpose of this event. It’s how you offer your faith and pay tribute to this very special occasion. Anyway, it took me 5 hours before completing the 14 stations. I even run out of battery during my visitation which made it hard for me to contact my mom to inform them where I am. It’s past 10 in the evening so it’s quite dangerous for me to travel alone. I should have brought an extra battery or better yet purchased a long lasting one like that saft ls14250. Saft batteries are designed to last up to 10 or 20 years. Whoah? Imagine how remarkable it would be if these batteries are applicable to our mobile phones too right? Anyway, I’m going to post more photos with regards with my Visita Iglesia trip in my next entries.

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