I Believe in the Communion of Saints: An All-Saints Exhibit in Tanza, Cavite

In line with the celebration of the All Saints Day, The Resurrection Parish in Julugan, Tanza, Cavite holds a special exhibit dedicated to different well-known saints. The All Saints Day or Feast of All Saints is a traditional Christian solemnity that is celebrated every first of November to honor all the saints of the church.

This week-long exhibit is entitled “I Believe in the Communion of Saints” which aims to introduce different saints to the people not just through images but also by providing a brief history about them. The All Saints Exhibit was officially opened last October 31 and is scheduled to run till November 7. All the images presented in the exhibit are under the care of Camarera de Julugan. Camareros are the people who exert all their time, effort, and devotion to keep all these images in great condition.

I Believe in the Communion of Saints: An All Saints Exhibit is open to everyone from October 31 to November 7 in the parish’s Pope Francis Hall with visiting hours from 7:30 am to 6 pm. In observance of the Covid-19 pandemic, visitors are strictly required to follow standard health protocols. Without any further ado, here are the Saint images that graced the exhibits in Resurrection Parish in Julugan, Tanza.

11_2_2021 10_25_44 PM
Saint Peter the Apostle
11_2_2021 10_30_09 PM
Saint Thomas the Apostle
11_2_2021 10_31_06 PM
Saint Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist
11_2_2021 10_32_56 PM
Saint Jude Thaddeus
11_2_2021 10_34_13 PM
Saint John the Evangelist
11_2_2021 10_37_01 PM
Saint Matthias the Apostle
11_2_2021 10_38_14 PM
Santa Maria Salome
11_2_2021 10_39_25 PM
Saint Joseph of Arimathea
11_2_2021 10_40_55 PM
Santa Maria Jacobe
11_2_2021 10_41_55 PM
Saint Monica
11_2_2021 10_43_10 PM
Our Lady of Solitude of Porta Vaga (Marian title)
11_2_2021 10_44_08 PM
Saint Joseph
11_2_2021 10_47_41 PM
Saint Lazarus of Bethany
11_2_2021 10_49_07 PM
Saint Martha of Bethany
11_2_2021 10_51_07 PM
Saint Mary of Bethany
11_2_2021 10_53_30 PM
Saint Veronica
11_2_2021 10_54_54 PM
Santa Juana de Cuza
11_2_2021 10_59_10 PM
Saint Mary, Mother of John Mark
11_2_2021 11_03_25 PM
Saint Lorenzo Ruiz
11_2_2021 11_05_21 PM
Saint Pedro Calungsod
11_2_2021 11_07_51 PM
Saint Raphael the Archangel
11_2_2021 11_10_16 PM
Saint Possidius of Calama
11_2_2021 11_12_23 PM
Saint Augustine of Hippo
11_2_2021 11_15_21 PM
Saint Dominic
11_2_2021 11_18_09 PM
Saint Margaret of Castello
11_2_2021 11_19_21 PM
San Isidro Labrador
11_2_2021 11_21_02 PM
San Roque
11_2_2021 11_23_16 PM
Saint Anthony of Padua
11_2_2021 11_24_11 PM
Saint Francis of Assisi
11_2_2021 11_25_17 PM


The Resurrection Parish in Julugan, Tanza, Cavite

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